“Force 8” 2012

7.5m high x 7.5m long
aluminium and solar powered, programmed LED lighting
Location: Hill Close, Gladstone, QLD
Client: Urban Land Development Authority, QLD State Government

The work is a three dimensional line drawing that proposes ambiguous images. It is the spine of a fish among seaside reeds;  a surf rescue boat breaching the breakers; the Hoana, the first yacht to win the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race in 1949; an entry marker pointing the way up to Hill Close.   Set in a flood retention basin, it will, from time to time, float above water.  

The work is lit from below with 15 programmed LED lights in colours of blue, green and white. The 15 minute cycle of changes alludes to the movement of a yacht through water - from calm water with a small bow wave, to choppy conditions with rhythmic splashes of white spray.


The 3 minute video below shows a segment of the lighting program in real time.